Attic Insulation





Insulation is a critical part of your home.  The #1 area of a home to gain energy efficiency is through the attic space.  Unfortunately, we see most homes not having enough insulation installed to offer proper energy efficiency.

Two Problems with Poor Insulation. . . . .


1)  HEATING/COOLING LOST   –   The obvious problem of not having enough attic insulation is loosing heat (in winter months) or cooling (in summer months), further driving up your energy bill.  Most people in Southeastern Wisconsin start turning on their furnaces in October and heat their house through the winter months until about April or May – That’s about 6 months that energy efficiency is crucial!  During the summer months, the air conditioner is used to cool the home on warmer days.


The attic insulation creates a barrier between the living space of the home and the outside temperature.  If there is little insulation acting as the barrier, heat (or cooling) is lost quite easily.  Your furnace and air conditioning need to work harder to keep the home at the temperature comfort level you’ve set.


2)  THE WINTER PROBLEM (Ice Dams)   –   The other problem that can occur from poor insulation is increased chance for ice dams and leaking to occur on your home.  Insufficient insulation levels can allow warm, heated air from the home to easily rise into the attic space, thus warming the portion of roof where snow is sitting.  This snow then melts rather quickly, running towards the overhang/gutter area, but then as temperatures drop later in the day, the melting snow quickly refreezes and ice forms at the edge of the home.  Having this happen repeatedly can cause quite a large “iceberg” to form, eventually allowing no more melting water to reach the gutter and leaving the potential for leaking to occur within the home.  Proper attic insulation should keep the attic space within 10 degrees of the outside temperature (greatly reducing roof melt) and keeping the heated air of the home within the home.




Tri-County Contracting can help you with your insulation project!  Our trained staff can assess your current attic situation and recommend improvements to your insulation/ventilation system, making your home as energy efficient as possible.  With all our projects, we are fairly priced and offer the best in quality of work and customer satisfaction.  Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!!